Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies

Marooning Assasins on Dinosaur Island

Assasins! Dinosaurs! Rocket-Powered Flying Machines!

The crew crash-land on a mysterious island to take on supplies and to maroon the assasins.

Running away from unexpected dinosurs and pterosuars ensues.

Once the crew leave the island, things get even stranger as the ship flies through a fog bank and the crew all have a halucination involving a dragon wearing a monicle and a fez.

The dragon explains that the ancient and terrible undead temple guardian that they awoke previously is actually a horrifying evil from beyond time and space, and they they are reincarnating heroes who are cursed with the task of repetedly unleashing and defeating the thing.
The dragon then leaves in the hopes of finding a more coherent universe, or a job that does not involve adventurers.



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