Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies

This is a Silly Place
...and it has a swamp inhabited by rodents of unusual size

The crew investigate the mysterious disappearance of the Sideways Star, and then trek into a swamp. They eventually emerge with potion ingredients, after battling with toads that shoot frogs, drop snakes, cute leeches, and dire rats.

The Invisible Island
the crew fly into a mysterious invisible island

As they approach the Sky of Thunder, the crew being to hear strange voices in the air, pleading for aid. They also discover that their captive assassin is missing.

An island abruptly appears in front of them out of the clouds, and they narrowly avoid crashing into it. Once landed, they begin to perceive the translucent figures around them.

The mayor of the settlement greets them, and explains that they have landed on Sideways .
He goes on to explain that many centuries ago, this island (along with all its inhabitants) was cursed by a powerful being (some say a jealous witch, other tales blame a powerful spirit). The curse rendered all people on the island invisible and intangible.

However, the islanders where not inconvenienced by this for long, because a magician (a Koldun, to use the proper term) came to the island and enchanted a jewel to over-ride the curse. Since this jewel (known as the Sideways Star) could be activated or de-activated on command, the locals found the controlled version of the curse to be useful for avoiding pirate raids.

Unfortunately, the Sideways Star was stolen a few days previously, rendering the islanders uncontrollably invisible once more.

The Star was kept in the town hall, which is visible to outsiders (as it is made from sufficiently old stone).

On the day that the Star was stolen, a ship (presumed to be pirates) was seen sailing away from the island. Sideways Pete also seems to be missing.

Marooning Assasins on Dinosaur Island
Assasins! Dinosaurs! Rocket-Powered Flying Machines!

The crew crash-land on a mysterious island to take on supplies and to maroon the assasins.

Running away from unexpected dinosurs and pterosuars ensues.

Once the crew leave the island, things get even stranger as the ship flies through a fog bank and the crew all have a halucination involving a dragon wearing a monicle and a fez.

The dragon explains that the ancient and terrible undead temple guardian that they awoke previously is actually a horrifying evil from beyond time and space, and they they are reincarnating heroes who are cursed with the task of repetedly unleashing and defeating the thing.
The dragon then leaves in the hopes of finding a more coherent universe, or a job that does not involve adventurers.

Asteroid chase and unexpected assasins
Spider ninjas!

As the disquieting and enraged roar of a recently-awakened temple guardian echoes through the Sky of Stones, the crew of the Rusty Barnacle congratulate themselves on a feat of historical treasure acquisition (i.e. tomb raiding) that surely will in no way ever come back to bite them, ever. Surely.

Unfortunately, their celebrations are cut short by Scott Lock’s sighting of the Gilded Scallop from his perch in the crow’s nest.
Our heroes find themselves in a high-risk chase amongst the asteroid-like mountains of the sky of stones. By dint of cunning, wind-calling, and desperately maverick sky-sailing (not to mention the alchemically and telekinetically aided cannon fire), the crew escape the faster ship that persues them.

That night as the swashbucklers weigh up their options in the cabin, the quiet of the night sky is broken by the scream of an assassin. This uncharacteristic piece of assassin behaviour is due to the fact that Scott noticed a silhouetted figure crawling up the side of the ship, and promptly threw burning lamp oil at the trespasser to illuminate the situation.
As the hapless assassin tumbles through the darkness into the Blue far below, Scott raises the alarm. Captain Puffin spins round to see a spider crawling into the window of the cabin, and slams it shut dislodging the arachnid into the face of another assassin. JuJu bursts through the cabin door, and is slashed by the knife of the shadowy ninja crouching nearby. September Jefferson charges down the stairs into the hold, where he discovers three figures that are attempting to kidnap Wren. Embers deduces that they are Imperial Spiders, the elite assassins and agents of a Barathi order. He also sees the pendant worn by Wren revealed for a moment in the struggle, and recognises it as the sigil of a noble house.

As Puffin knocks the spider-struck assassin off of his ship, Juju angrily calls upon her pegasus gift, and bodily lifts the assassin who cut her up into the air and hurls him off of the ship. Scott leaps up onto the poop deck and lends a hand to Terra, who is struggling with another of the sinister agents.
Jefferson expertly dispatches the assassins in the hold with grenades and shots from his Mk-27 ‘Boom Stick’ pistol, and leads Wren to safety.

Tomb Raiding
Plundering treasure in the Sky of Stones

The crew arrive in the Sky of Stones, and navigate its treacherously shifting rocks to reach the floating mountain marked on their map.
As they approach their destination, they see that they are not alone; competitors for the same prize are also nearing the island. Captain Puffin recognises the other ship as the Gilded Scallop, the vessel of Captain Guillemot (Puffin’s arch rival).
The crew of the Barnacle conceal their approach, and weigh anchor on the opposite side of the island. They are briefly confused by the inability of Terra to set foot on the island, which results in the unconventional solution of a pirate balloon.
Upon entering, they make their way past a series of obstacles including pit traps, dead adventures, and poisoned darts. Upon reaching a room containing a treasure chest on a suspicious raised platform, Puffin calls upon a focused jet of wind to summon the chest to him. As soon as he does so, a distant moaning echoes through the corridors and two crystals on either side of the treasure alcove begin to glow ominously. Then the dead pirates animate, blocking escape and shambling towards the crew.
JuJu exerts her mystical will and vies for control of the undead while Embers shoots the brightening crystals with his pistol in the nick of time, as the glowing orbs begin emitting beams of light that burn whatever they touch.
Scott charges for the exit, carving a route with deft thrusts of his blade, and Terra glides behind, defending Wren and the treasure.
The pit trap proves to be a problem, but Juju circumvents it by forming the zombies into a temporary bridge.
Anticipating trouble, the adventurers hide the treasure chest in the alcoves near the entrance, and re-emerge to find themselves surrounded by rival pirates.

Thankfully, Embers is able to bluff and stall for time long enough for an ancient and powerful figure to emerge from the tomb, causing a distraction that allows them to grab the chest and escape.

Drinking Spirits at the Capstan Bar
Plummeting into the Ghost Sky, the crew find mysterious stowaways

As they plummet off of the edge of the island of Dnalsi, the crew have to work quickly to control their fall.
Captain Bob Puffin shouts commands and uses his thunderbird gift to influence the rushing winds, and JuJu uses her Pegasus powers to telekinetically nudge the ship, guided by the merhorse foresight.
Scott “Vote Breaker” Lock and September “Embers” Jefferson work the rigging to bring the sails under control, and Terra Violence demonstrates her considerable competence as a sky sailor by grappling with the wheel and guiding the vessel onto a stable course.

Once they are safely under way, Puffin and JuJu realise that they are now in the Ghost Sky, and begin making preparations. Scott climbs up to the crow’s nest to keep watch over the eerily quiet skies. Terra and September get to work mounting the keel mast and wingmasts.

Terra discovers a frightened girl of around 11 years old stowed away in the hold. Upon questioning, the girl gives her name as Wren.

As night falls, the ghost sky lives up to its reputation. The ship is visited by the ghostly shades of sailors who, in accordance with ancient tradition, engage in a drinking contest with those who accept their challenge.

Both Embers and JuJu raise the challenge and win their contests, with JuJu defeating the ghostly captain handily.

As the next day dawns, the crew leave the ghost sky and are greeted with the magnificent and terrifying sight of the Sky of Stones. Vast mazes of floating rocks ranging in size from gravel to mountain ranges float ominously before them.

As they approach the island that is their destination, they spot another ship in the distance – a vessel that looks suspiciously similar to the ship of Captain Guillemot

Chased out of Town
Two new adventurers join the group, and the crew of swashbucklers is chased to the end of the world by an angry mob

Captain Puffin, “Embers” Jefferson and Scott Lock regroup on the Rusty Barnacle, and prepare to make way for somewhere that isn’t here before the locals get nasty (due a misunderstanding at a bar).

Meanwhile, the paranoid mystic JuJu inveigles a drink from the old drunk. Unbeknownst to her, the treasure-seeking pirate Terra Violence has her eye on the mystical spell pouch that she carries around.
Terra artfully steals the bag from JuJu, but as she slinks away her presence is revealed by the shrieking of the suddenly-animated juju-bag. The mystic pursues the thieving pirate, and a chase begins.

Terra shoots off at high speed into the shadows, vaulting over a drunk and causing a market stall to spill its wares. JuJu invokes her gift of the Merhorse and catches sight of the fleeing pirate, who glows like a beacon to one with the Sight, due the incredible number of curses that afflict her. With a gesture and an effort of will, JuJu uses her telekinetic Pegasus power to slam a flowerpot into Terra.
Careening off the ballistic pottery, Terra leaps off of a rooftop and plummets into a ship. her quick reflexes allow her to avoid broken bones, but she still crashes through the rigging and onto the deck of the Rusty Barnacle.
Unable to stop in time, JuJu follows her, and tumbles onto the deck (though she has her fall broken by Terra, just as the pirate struggles to her feet).

As Captain Puffin leaps backwards to avoid the plummeting travellers, his coat falls open allowing September to catch a glimpse of his stolen treasure map.

At this point, the adventurers become aware that the locals are advancing towards the docks brandishing weapons. The mob shouts and jeers in a fashion that suggests that they are tired of buccaneers showing them up, stealing from them, setting their tavern alight and smashing their possessions whilst chasing each other. Consequently they begin swarming onto the dock, intent on expressing their displeasure using sharp implements. At their lead is Captain Gordon Schoville, the luxuriantly-bearded pirate that the party encountered earlier.

Seeing trouble fast approaching, Terra spins an elaborate tale of her innocence. September falls for it hook line and sinker, whilst Scott rolls his eyes, having none of it. Captain Puffin has fled from many angry mobs in his time, and seeing the way that the wind is blowing he hastens to make way, loosening the mooring line.

Seeing that the crowd is approaching in rowdy and belligerent manner, JuJu exerts her mystical will. Her hair is whipped around by an eerie wind that isn’t of this world, whilst all of the shadows in the bay deepen and the lantern flames gutter and dance. The air fills with faint mutterings and half-remembered cries from beyond these shores.

The mob slows at this development, taken aback by the uncanny feel in the air. However, the bold Captain Schoville steps forward, points a cutlass in the direction of Jefferson and booms, “You singed my beard, impudent whelp, and by thunder you’ll pay!”
His gaze falls to Lock, who is remonstrating with September and Terra about the preposterousness of her tale. “Wait… that is the Vote-Breaker! There is a fine bounty of his head, lads. Get him!”

Captain Puffin stands at the wheel and reaches his hand aloft, muttering an oath under his breath as he calls up storm winds. Gusts fills the sails of the Rusty Barnacle, and knock the plumed tricorn off of Schoville’s head.

Jefferson grapples with the aft-most cannon, loading it with reagents, gunpowder and wadding.

Terra leaps up onto the poop deck, draws a pair of pistols and begins shooting out the lanterns on Schoville’s ship.

Scott Lock, born with an instinct for swashbuckling, grabs a line trailing from the mizzenmast yard and swings out in an arc over the prow of the pursuing ship, and slashes at their rigging with his blade.

JuJu whistles, and out of the stormy sky drives her Ruq. The colossal ridding-parrot voids its bowls upon Captain Schoville in a precision drive-bomb manoeuvre.

“Hold on!”, shouts Jefferson as he triumphantly lights the cannon with a gesture. The cannon thunders and belches a gout of flame and smoke into the thaumaturgically-charged winds behind the Barnacle. A smokescreen filled with blazing embers envelops Schoville’s vessel.

Rocket-propelled by conjured storm, the Rusty Barnacle and its crew of happless intrepid adventurers fall off the edge of the world…

At the Sign of the Drunken Badger
Our story begins in a bar, with a fight

Arrr Me Harties!

Pull up a chair an’ listen for a while…

Our tale begins, as many a good tale do, in a tavern with the rum a-flowin’…


Oh, my apologies, I mistook you for tourists due to your outlandish attire. I shall continue without the accent.

The PCs are drinking in a tavern known as the drunken badger, on the small sky-sland of Dnalsi. Pirates genuinely honest and hard-working sailors drink and gamble, whist the timbers of their ships creak outside on the quay.
Scott “Vote Breaker” Lock counts his winnings (having just beaten a cheating gambler at his own shell-game); Captain Puffin lurks near he bar looking for an easy mark; and September “Embers” Jefferson inspects his alchemical reagents whilst sipping a drink with an umberalla in it.

A pirate captain with a luxuriant beard starts an argument with a drunken old man at the bar, and that evening’s inevitable bar brawl breaks out.

Scott Lock outfoxes the inept card-sharp (who unwisely tried to settle a score in the confusion), and leaves with the barmaid.

Embers Jefferson intercedes in the altercation at the bar by disarming and de-hatting the pirate with a couple of gunshots. The pirate turns of him, and Jefferson calls on the gift of the dragon of dissuade him. Unfortunately, the bar proves to be quite combustible, and the assembled drinkers defenestrate Jefferson by way of a reprimand.

Captain Puffin gives the old drunk a drink, and swipes the treasure map in the confusion. He uses his thunderbird gift to call up rainclouds to dampen the enthusiasm of any pursuit.

And our heroes exit stage left, into a dark and stormy night…


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