Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies

Tomb Raiding

Plundering treasure in the Sky of Stones

The crew arrive in the Sky of Stones, and navigate its treacherously shifting rocks to reach the floating mountain marked on their map.
As they approach their destination, they see that they are not alone; competitors for the same prize are also nearing the island. Captain Puffin recognises the other ship as the Gilded Scallop, the vessel of Captain Guillemot (Puffin’s arch rival).
The crew of the Barnacle conceal their approach, and weigh anchor on the opposite side of the island. They are briefly confused by the inability of Terra to set foot on the island, which results in the unconventional solution of a pirate balloon.
Upon entering, they make their way past a series of obstacles including pit traps, dead adventures, and poisoned darts. Upon reaching a room containing a treasure chest on a suspicious raised platform, Puffin calls upon a focused jet of wind to summon the chest to him. As soon as he does so, a distant moaning echoes through the corridors and two crystals on either side of the treasure alcove begin to glow ominously. Then the dead pirates animate, blocking escape and shambling towards the crew.
JuJu exerts her mystical will and vies for control of the undead while Embers shoots the brightening crystals with his pistol in the nick of time, as the glowing orbs begin emitting beams of light that burn whatever they touch.
Scott charges for the exit, carving a route with deft thrusts of his blade, and Terra glides behind, defending Wren and the treasure.
The pit trap proves to be a problem, but Juju circumvents it by forming the zombies into a temporary bridge.
Anticipating trouble, the adventurers hide the treasure chest in the alcoves near the entrance, and re-emerge to find themselves surrounded by rival pirates.

Thankfully, Embers is able to bluff and stall for time long enough for an ancient and powerful figure to emerge from the tomb, causing a distraction that allows them to grab the chest and escape.



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