Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies

At the Sign of the Drunken Badger

Our story begins in a bar, with a fight

Arrr Me Harties!

Pull up a chair an’ listen for a while…

Our tale begins, as many a good tale do, in a tavern with the rum a-flowin’…


Oh, my apologies, I mistook you for tourists due to your outlandish attire. I shall continue without the accent.

The PCs are drinking in a tavern known as the drunken badger, on the small sky-sland of Dnalsi. Pirates genuinely honest and hard-working sailors drink and gamble, whist the timbers of their ships creak outside on the quay.
Scott “Vote Breaker” Lock counts his winnings (having just beaten a cheating gambler at his own shell-game); Captain Puffin lurks near he bar looking for an easy mark; and September “Embers” Jefferson inspects his alchemical reagents whilst sipping a drink with an umberalla in it.

A pirate captain with a luxuriant beard starts an argument with a drunken old man at the bar, and that evening’s inevitable bar brawl breaks out.

Scott Lock outfoxes the inept card-sharp (who unwisely tried to settle a score in the confusion), and leaves with the barmaid.

Embers Jefferson intercedes in the altercation at the bar by disarming and de-hatting the pirate with a couple of gunshots. The pirate turns of him, and Jefferson calls on the gift of the dragon of dissuade him. Unfortunately, the bar proves to be quite combustible, and the assembled drinkers defenestrate Jefferson by way of a reprimand.

Captain Puffin gives the old drunk a drink, and swipes the treasure map in the confusion. He uses his thunderbird gift to call up rainclouds to dampen the enthusiasm of any pursuit.

And our heroes exit stage left, into a dark and stormy night…



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