Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies

Drinking Spirits at the Capstan Bar

Plummeting into the Ghost Sky, the crew find mysterious stowaways

As they plummet off of the edge of the island of Dnalsi, the crew have to work quickly to control their fall.
Captain Bob Puffin shouts commands and uses his thunderbird gift to influence the rushing winds, and JuJu uses her Pegasus powers to telekinetically nudge the ship, guided by the merhorse foresight.
Scott “Vote Breaker” Lock and September “Embers” Jefferson work the rigging to bring the sails under control, and Terra Violence demonstrates her considerable competence as a sky sailor by grappling with the wheel and guiding the vessel onto a stable course.

Once they are safely under way, Puffin and JuJu realise that they are now in the Ghost Sky, and begin making preparations. Scott climbs up to the crow’s nest to keep watch over the eerily quiet skies. Terra and September get to work mounting the keel mast and wingmasts.

Terra discovers a frightened girl of around 11 years old stowed away in the hold. Upon questioning, the girl gives her name as Wren.

As night falls, the ghost sky lives up to its reputation. The ship is visited by the ghostly shades of sailors who, in accordance with ancient tradition, engage in a drinking contest with those who accept their challenge.

Both Embers and JuJu raise the challenge and win their contests, with JuJu defeating the ghostly captain handily.

As the next day dawns, the crew leave the ghost sky and are greeted with the magnificent and terrifying sight of the Sky of Stones. Vast mazes of floating rocks ranging in size from gravel to mountain ranges float ominously before them.

As they approach the island that is their destination, they spot another ship in the distance – a vessel that looks suspiciously similar to the ship of Captain Guillemot



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