Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies

Asteroid chase and unexpected assasins

Spider ninjas!

As the disquieting and enraged roar of a recently-awakened temple guardian echoes through the Sky of Stones, the crew of the Rusty Barnacle congratulate themselves on a feat of historical treasure acquisition (i.e. tomb raiding) that surely will in no way ever come back to bite them, ever. Surely.

Unfortunately, their celebrations are cut short by Scott Lock’s sighting of the Gilded Scallop from his perch in the crow’s nest.
Our heroes find themselves in a high-risk chase amongst the asteroid-like mountains of the sky of stones. By dint of cunning, wind-calling, and desperately maverick sky-sailing (not to mention the alchemically and telekinetically aided cannon fire), the crew escape the faster ship that persues them.

That night as the swashbucklers weigh up their options in the cabin, the quiet of the night sky is broken by the scream of an assassin. This uncharacteristic piece of assassin behaviour is due to the fact that Scott noticed a silhouetted figure crawling up the side of the ship, and promptly threw burning lamp oil at the trespasser to illuminate the situation.
As the hapless assassin tumbles through the darkness into the Blue far below, Scott raises the alarm. Captain Puffin spins round to see a spider crawling into the window of the cabin, and slams it shut dislodging the arachnid into the face of another assassin. JuJu bursts through the cabin door, and is slashed by the knife of the shadowy ninja crouching nearby. September Jefferson charges down the stairs into the hold, where he discovers three figures that are attempting to kidnap Wren. Embers deduces that they are Imperial Spiders, the elite assassins and agents of a Barathi order. He also sees the pendant worn by Wren revealed for a moment in the struggle, and recognises it as the sigil of a noble house.

As Puffin knocks the spider-struck assassin off of his ship, Juju angrily calls upon her pegasus gift, and bodily lifts the assassin who cut her up into the air and hurls him off of the ship. Scott leaps up onto the poop deck and lends a hand to Terra, who is struggling with another of the sinister agents.
Jefferson expertly dispatches the assassins in the hold with grenades and shots from his Mk-27 ‘Boom Stick’ pistol, and leads Wren to safety.



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